Building performance released 

United, we release the full potential in every building, infrastructure and industrial site. We benefit from our market leading position and a passion for smart and sustainable technical services and installations.

This is Assemblin Caverion Group

Assemblin Caverion Group is a leading northern European technical service and installation company. We deliver sustainable installations, technical services and solutions along the lifecycle to support our customers achieve their goals. Assemblin Caverion Group is a true market leading forerunner providing the most comprehensive and cutting edge solutions across the full lifecycle of built environment.

Stronger together

Assemblin and Caverion are two successful companies, each with a long history and strong cultures. United, we release the full potential in every building, infrastructure and industrial site. We benefit from our market leading position and a passion for smart and sustainable technical services and installations. Assemblin Caverion Group has high ambitions, complementary geographies and strengths as well as great people.

Facts and numbers

  • Combined net sales of: SEK 43.5 bn/EUR 3.8 bn
  • Combined number of employees: 21.900
  • Operating countries: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Austria, Germany, Denmark, as well as the Baltics and Poland
  • Headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Business offering: Installation & Projects, Service & Maintenance, Manage & Operate, Advisory & Solutions
assemblin team at construvtion site
Assemblin is a highly respected and profitable installation and service company with a passion for smart and sustainable installation solutions. Assemblin has a strong foothold in Sweden and Norway and with operations also in Finland.

About Assemblin 

Assemblin is a complete installation and service partner with operations in Sweden, Norway and Finland. We design, install and maintain technical systems for buildings. We have a turnover of approximately SEK 14.6 billion and 7.100 dedicated employees in around 100 locations.

Our vision is to create smart and sustainable installations. By people, for people. With air, energy and water, we make buildings work and people thrive. 

A customer-oriented organisation 

The operations of Assemblin are decentralized. The cornerstone of the business is the local branches, with competence and resources to be able to meet local needs. 

Assemblin is a progressive company with high ambitions, but with a long history and great experience. For over 120 years, we have carried out technical installations that create healthy houses and a better indoor climate for people. 

Sustainable value creation 

Assemblin's operations are based on a sustainable business model where value creation for people and the environment is a prerequisite for positive development over time. Our goal is to run a profitable and healthy business with respect for our environment, and we should manage our own and other people's resources. This means that we must be careful about our employees and other resources we use in our business and that we must take into account the impact that our service and installation services give rise to. In this way, we contribute to positive social development.  

Caverion team at construvtion site
Caverion is a superior, profitable lifecycle partner for smart and sustainable solutions for buildings, industry and infrastructure. Caverion has a strong presence in the Nordic countries and serves its customers also in Germany, Austria, Poland and the Baltic countries.

About Caverion 

Our lives are shaped by the environments we build around us. We enable performance and people's wellbeing in smart and sustainable built environments. Our customers can trust our expertise during the entire lifecycle of their buildings, infrastructure or industrial sites: from installation and maintenance of base and smart technologies, to managed services as well as advisory and engineering services and digital solutions.

Our customers are supported by about 15.000 experts in 10 countries in Northern and Central Europe. We have offices in 212 locations. Our revenue amounted to EUR 2.5 billion in 2023. Caverion's shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

Our people are at the heart of Caverion. For us, it is more than technology. It is about improving the way we live and work in the structures we build. Today, tomorrow, every day; it is all about Building Performance.

Our roots 

Caverion as such is young, but we have a long history that has built a valuable competence base. Caverion was established through the demerger of Building Services and Industrial Services businesses from YIT Group in June 2013. As a group, we have long roots in many countries. As part of YIT, for example, our roots in Finland go back to 1912. In some divisions, the history via various integrated companies goes back even further- to the 19th century. In Sweden, our journey started in 1901 with Allmänna Ingenjörsbyrån, then ABB and then YIT before finally becoming Caverion.

Building a clear differentiation

What makes Caverion unique is that we create sustainable impact for every customer with the solutions we design and deliver, reliably and transparently every time. Sustainable impact for our customers means we develop and deliver long-lasting solutions for their built assets and improve sustainability and energy efficiency of their built environment.