A true market leading forerunner

A combination of two ambitious companies with a strong position in an exciting market.

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Now our joint journey starts, and from Q2 2024 we will provide consolidated financial reports

Since April 2024, Assemblin and Caverion have come together, and this is where we will provide information regarding our financial performance going forward. During the first half of 2024, we will be consolidating our results, and this information will be published here later on.

Benefits of combining Assemblin and Caverion

Attractive and resilient market growth underpinned by stable and accelerating long-term megatrends
Creation of the clear #1 North European technical service and installation champion
Well balanced revenue mix between projects & services and across geographies
Complementary strengths and technical expertise
Joint strategic and value creation ambitions


If you have any questions, explore our services and connect with our team. We are happy to help!

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Philip Carlsson

assemblin caverion group
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Åsvor Brynnel

Sustainability, HR and Communications, evp
assemblin caverion group
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Noora Koikkalainen

Head of Marketing, Communications, IR and Sustainability
Caverion Group